Parking Lot Design Proposal from Norway House

Category: Weekly Announcements

September 19, 2020

The Mindekirken Council and Mindekirken Foundation Board have been working diligently over the last 7 months, not only with their regular duties, but also with special meetings to discuss and work out details over a proposal by Norway House to develop the Mindekirken Foundation properties (located on the corner of Elliot Avenue South and 21st Street East) and part of the Church property into a new shared parking area in conjunction with their plan to build a new event center on their property. Please click on the link below to view and download a copy of the design as it stands so far (which may undergo more changes before we approve it and as it goes through the city processes). There will be a question and answer session regarding this design on Sunday, September 20th during the Zoom kirkekaffe hour at 1 PM. One or two more will be scheduled. You will eventually receive a letter in the mail regarding voting on the final recommendation of the proposal by the Mindekirken Council, which will also include an easement agreement regarding the use of the properties.

An important note about the design: the south entrance onto 21st street has been closed. This was required by the city and has to do with their mandate of separating residential areas from public ones.  Also, church members currently have access to 79 parking places (25 of these are located on the Norway House property, which church members are allowed to use on evenings and weekends). The proposed design will include a combined number of 91 parking spaces to be more or less shared (outlined in the easement agreement) by Mindekirken and Norway House. Norway House has agreed to pay for the entire cost of construction. 

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