The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church 


Job Description - Pastor 

I. Job Title: Pastor 

II. Primary Function:

  1. To serve as Pastor to the congregation of the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church. 

III. Summary of Duties

  1. Preach and teach the Word of God and administer the sacraments according to the practice of the Lutheran church.
  2. Plan and conduct worship services, in both English and Norwegian, and provide a written version of the sermon in each language.
  3. Provide pastoral care to members of the parish according to their needs, visit them as necessary, and uphold them in prayer.
  4. Supervise the church staff on a daily basis. The Congregation Council is responsible for the appointment and supervision of the salaried staff. The pastor is accountable to the church council.
  5. Initiate, schedule and manage monthly staff meetings.
  6. Give pastoral guidance as appropriate for the meetings, activities, and organizations of the congregation.
  7. Meet monthly with the Executive Committee as a member and contributor to this leadership organization.
  8. Meet monthly with the Congregational Council as a member and contributor. Submit a monthly written report with a summary of daily activities; for example: visits, meetings, classes taught, ministerial functions. Share key highlights and challenges.
  9. Attend all congregation meetings. Submit a yearly Pastor’s report for the Annual Congregational Report.
  10. Be responsible for the bulletin and all parochial statistics and report them promptly and fully, as requested by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  11. Be responsible for the editorial direction, content, appearance, and timely distribution of the church’s newsletter. Write a monthly Pastor’s column.
  12. Serve as an advisor and voting member on the Leiv Eriksson International Festival committee.
  13. Serve as an advisor and voting member on the Tuesday Open House program committee.
  14. Encourage the congregation to support the total ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  15. Encourage Stewardship in members and associate members, including the giving of time, talents, energy, and money.
  16. Give special attention to Missions of the church.
  17. Encourage members to support the Mission of the Month and advise the Missions Committee when needed. 

IV. Physical environment:

  1. The workplace consists mainly of the church building, although in a broader sense, the workplace is wherever duty takes the Pastor. 

V. Conditions of employment

  1. This is a full-time position.
  2. The Pastor shall schedule approximately eight hours per week as regular office hours to be present in the office and accessible to congregation members. These office hours shall be published.
  3. The President and Chair of the Board of Trustees will provide the pastor with an annual review based on this job description and assist the pastor in setting goals.
  4. The Pastoral Support Committee will meet with the pastor on a regular basis. 

VI. Requirements for employment

  1. Ordination.
  2. Approval by the ELCA.
  3. Experience as a Pastor.
  4. Fluency in both English and Norwegian. 

(Revised December 8 2020)

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