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 Mindekirken COVID-19 Updates
 Community Outreach Opportunities to Help Our Neighbors in Need

Pastor Anne Brit Aasland

Velkommen! Welcome!

Click here to watch Pastor Aasland's sermons online, as well as download print copies and hymns.

The September 2020 Communicator is now posted to our website. Click here to view. 


 Norway House Parking Lot Design Proposal

The Mindekirken Council and Mindekirken Foundation Board have been working diligently over the last 7 months, not only with their regular duties, but also with special meetings to discuss and work out details over a proposal by Norway House to develop the Mindekirken Foundation properties (located on the corner of Elliot Avenue South and 21st Street East) and part of the Church property into a new shared parking area in conjunction with their plan to build a new event center on their property. We are excited about our neighbor's plans for expansion and have been striving to work with them to develop a parking plan that will work for both of our organizations far into the future. 

Please click on the link below to view and download a copy of the design as it stands so far (which may undergo more changes before we approve it and as it goes through the city processes). There will be a question and answer session regarding this design on Sunday, September 20th during the Zoom kirkekaffe hour at 1 PM (Click here to join the Zoom meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89257582852?pwd=UmtBOVVqeUZhTDhCeWJ0WU9FTGFVdz09). One or two more will also be scheduled. Members will eventually receive a letter in the mail regarding voting on the final recommendation of the proposal by the Mindekirken Council, which will also include an easement agreement regarding the use of the properties.

Important notes about the design: The south entrance onto 21st street has been closed. This was required by the city and has to do with their mandate of separating residential areas from public ones.  Also, church members currently have access to 79 parking places (25 of these are located on the Norway House property, which church members are allowed to use on evenings and weekends). The proposed design will include a combined number of 91 parking spaces to be more or less shared (outlined in the easement agreement) by Mindekirken and Norway House. Norway House has agreed to pay for the entire cost of construction. 

Download Current Site Plan



Please join us in a virtual Kirkekaffe this Sunday, September 20th from 1-2 pm!

After you watch the online worship service, get ready to chat with Mindekirken friends and guests on Zoom. This week we will spend about half of the time socializing and the other half answering questions about the parking lot site plan proposed by Norway House. Please download the plan from the link above. Velkommen! Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89257582852?pwd=UmtBOVVqeUZhTDhCeWJ0WU9FTGFVdz09


We want to stay connected with you! The office is still staffed during office hours. To reach the Office Manager, Kaia Knutson, please call 612-874-0716.

It is vital to support our staff at this time and continue our ministry. We are making a special appeal to you to donate on our website by clicking on the Donate to Mindekirken button at the bottom of our webpage or you can mail your offering to the church (check can be made out to "Mindekirken").

Thank you for your patience and cooperation at this unprecedented time. We hope you are staying healthy and safe.

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