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Becoming a Member

There is a simple "Request for Membership" form that you may get when visiting, calling, or e-mailing the church office. The Board of Deacons will review and process your request.

New members are generally received at Mindekirken several times a year. Those interested in membership are invited to come to an informal gathering with the Pastor and ministry leaders to hear about the vision and mission of the congregation and to ask any questions about being a part of this community of faith.

To that end, new members are asked to attend a new member orientation, with the Pastor and leaders of the congregation.  The orientation is a great way to help new members learn about Mindekirken and help connect to a ministry activity that is compatible with their gifts and talents.Plus, it’s a great opportunity to meet and get to know other Mindekirken members.Orientations are held regularly throughout the year. To get a membership application form and more information about becoming a member and attending an orientation, please contact the office at 612-874-0716 or email Pastor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Some frequently asked questions about becoming a member of Mindekirken

What must I do to become a member at Mindekirken?
There are only two requirements for full participation at Mindekirken – 1) Baptism and 2) Affirmation of Baptism.

  • At Mindekirken we honor any baptism performed in another Christian church. If you or your child has not been baptized, and you have questions about how to proceed, please contact the church office and schedule a visit with Pastor.
  • We plan to schedule four New Member Sundays during the year to receive new members at Mindekirken.   


What can I expect at a New Member Sunday service?
On a New Member Sunday service, we do things a little differently than on other Sundays. During the worship service we have a special liturgy, called the "Affirmation of Baptism" service, to receive and welcome you as a new member of Mindekirken. We’ll ask you to come forward for a short liturgy, after which a member of the congregation will welcome you and present you with a flower.



If I like the people at Mindekirken, but not sure about becoming a member, will that bother anyone?
Not at all! Anyone is invited to participate in the worship and life of Mindekirken by getting involved in one of our many ministries.We trust God will nudge you at the appropriate time to become more deeply involved….either here with us, or in one of many other places where God is abundantly present.

I don’t have any other church membership and don’t know that much about Christianity.Is this a problem?
Not at all!! We welcome you and we are glad that Mindekirken can be a part of your faith journey.Please contact Pastor to talk about how you can learn more about the Christian faith, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and most of all how you can serve God and your fellow human being at Mindekirken.

I’m already a Lutheran. Should I plan to attend the orientation and New Member Appreciation Sunday as well?
Yes, we hope so. It's a great opportunity to meet other people from Mindekirken and to hear about the many opportunities for ministry that Mindekirken has to offer.And to discover the ways that your God-given gifts and interest can help others.

Do I need a letter of transfer from my previous congregation?
Preferably. Everyone is received into full participation through the Affirmation of Baptism service. But while a letter of transfer is not required, we like to send a letter to your previous congregation and previous pastor as a courtesy. We encourage you to contact your previous pastor. We will send our letter to that church/pastor within 10 days after the New Member Service.

Can I be a part of the New Member Sunday service if I don’t attend the orientation?
Yes. But if you are unable to attend, please schedule an appointment with Pastor prior to the New Member Sunday service.

What if I am Roman Catholic, or Baptist, or Methodist, or Presbyterian, or…..?
Lutherans recognize and accept the rite of baptism, confirmation, and marriage performed in all Christian churches. We teach that we are only one part of the whole Christian church on earth; one that is re-forming, changing and growing evangelical, and catholic (meaning one part of the WHOLE body of Christ). This is the one way realize the unity in Christ we confess together. We also hope that you will come to appreciate the distinctively Lutheran aspects of our tradition and theology.

I want to be involved in Mindekirken, but I’m not sure I want to drop my membership in my home congregation.
That's OK. You can choose to join us as an Associate Member. This allows you to remain a member of your home congregation, but still participate in the life of Mindekirken. However, an Associate Member does not have voting privileges at congregational meetings.


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