Sunday School

 Mindekirken Sunday School

Our mission:   Provide Christian education in a safe, caring environment.

The Sunday School children and youth will have the opportunity to learn, play, grow in their faith, and be themselves in a safe environment.   


  Sunday School instruction is offered each Sunday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Oslo room. 

Children of all ages are welcome!



Check out these fun, interactive links!   



JC Play Zone.  A program of Lutheran Hour Ministries. 

Colorful, interactive website with music, games, parables, devotions and more!


Nettsprell.  Norwegian Sunday School website.  Delightful for any age! 

Animated Bible stories, music and videos.

Be sure to check out the interactive tour around a Norwegian church!  Super interesting and fun!


Bible Quiz (in Norwegian). Are you feeling adventurous? Check out this Bible Quiz in Norwegian! 





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9:00 am English Service

11:00 am Norwegian Service
11:00 am Sunday School

Last Sunday of month, one bilingual service at 11:00 am

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