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Job Description - Pastor - April 2017

I.   Job Title:  Pastor 

II.  Primary Function:

  1. To serve as Pastor to the congregation of the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church. 

II.  Summary of Duties


  1. Preach and teach the Word of God. 
  2. Preside at worship and administer the sacraments according to the practice of the Lutheran church. 
  3. Overall responsibility for worship services, in both English and Norwegian, as well as provide a written version of the sermon in each language. 
  4. Provide pastoral care to all members of the parish according to their needs, visit them as necessary, and uphold them in prayer.
  5. Give pastoral guidance as appropriate for the meetings, activities, and organizations of the congregation.
  6. Meet monthly with the Executive Committee as a member and contributor to this leadership organization.
  7. Meet monthly with the Congregational Council as a member and contributor. Submit a monthly written report with a summary of daily activities; for example: visits, meetings, classes taught, ministerial functions. Share key highlights and challenges.
  8. Attend all congregation meetings. Submit a yearly Pastor’s report for the Annual Congregational Report.
  9. Be responsible for the bulletin and all parochial statistics and report them promptly and fully, as requested by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  10. Be responsible for the editorial direction, content, appearance, and timely distribution of the church’s newsletter. Write a monthly Pastor’s column. 
  11. Should be the chair of the Leiv Eriksson International Festival committee. 
  12. Serve as an advisor to the Tuesday Open House program committee. 
  13. Encourage the congregation to support the total ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 
  14. Give special attention toStewardship.
  15. Mission of the church.
  16. Promoting Mindekirken within the Norwegian American community. 

III. Physical environment: 

  1. The workplace consists mainly of the church building, although in a broader sense, the workplace is wherever duty takes the Pastor. 


IV. Interaction with other people


  1. The supervisor is the President of the congregation.  In the absence of the President, the supervisor is the Vice-President, followed by the Chairperson of the Deacons. 
  2. Occasionally the job descriptions for the various positions within the church may overlap or fail to cover some situations.  Although most cases will be worked out informally, any irreconcilable differences should be brought to the attention of the Congregation’s President. 
  3. Monthly staff meetings are required and will be initiated, scheduled, and managed by the Pastor. 


V.  Conditions of employment


  1.  This is a full-time position.
  2. The Pastor shall schedule approximately eight hours per week as regular office hours.  These office hours shall be published.
  3. The President and Chair of the Board of Trustees will provide you with an annual review based on this job description and assist you in goal setting.
  4. The Pastoral Support Committee will meet with you on a regular basis.


VI. Requirements for employment

  1. Ordination. 
  2. Approval by the ELCA. 
  3. Experience as a Pastor. 
  4. Fluency in both English and Norwegian.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of church is Mindekirken?
  2. What is the congregation like?
  3. What is the ethnic composition of the congregation?
  4. Why is Mindekirken looking for a new pastor?
  5. What are the duties and responsibilities of the pastor?
  6. What is the compensation, including salary and benefits?
  7. Are there additional benefits related to the job?
  8. What are some of the pastoral qualities and qualifications I would be expected to bring to the position?
  9. What are the pastor’s office hours?
  10. What is the staff like that I would work with?
  11. What are the steps of the application process?
  12. What is the area like?
  13. What is the housing situation?
  14. What steps are needed for working in the U.S. as a pastor?
  15. What is the transportation situation?
  16. What about the schools in the area?
  17. What are the particular challenges that face Mindekirken?


What type of church is Mindekirken?

Den Norske Lutherske Mindekirke, The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church, is a member of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). It is influenced by liturgical traditions from the Church of Norway and is an institution under the patronage of His Majesty King Harald V. (for more information about the Church, please see about Mindekirken )

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What is the congregation like?

There are about 270 active households. This number includes full members and associate members. Many of these are committed to supporting the church activities and committees with volunteer time. Many are also active in Norwegian cultural organizations. The average weekly attendance for the English service is about 20 and for the Norwegian Service about 75 - 120. Our monthly newsletter, The Communicator, is mailed to over 1200 households in the area and around the country, plus some in Norway. (Please see links on our home page).

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What is the ethnic composition of the congregation?

The church welcomes one and all regardless of ethnic background. However, since the 11 o'clock service is preached in the Norwegian language the persons attending are predominantly of Norwegian heritage. Currently there are 20 Norwegian language evening or Saturday classes being taught at different levels of learning in the church classrooms.

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Why is Mindekirken looking for a new pastor?

Our most recent Pastor, Kristin Sundt, returned to Norway in May of 2017. Because we have concentrated our search for pastors from Norway and because of USA immigration restrictions, our minimum length of the call is for 3 –5 years,  So, we have had many wonderful pastors over the last couple of decades who are either retired, on leave from positions in Norway or have had the Mindekirken pastoral position as a permanent job.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of the pastor?

Leading two worship services each Sunday, one in English and one in Norwegian.  There are some special worship services according to the church calendar including Holy Communion twice each month; weddings, funerals, baptisms, confirmations.   Visit members who are home-bound or hospitalized as needed; participation in the cultural events held by the congregation and in some cases, by affiliated organizations.  Attend Church Council meetings and other committee leadership responsibilities. Please refer to the job description for further information.

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What is the compensation, including salary and benefits?

For a pastor coming from Norway, this is a complex question – many factors affect the compensation so that giving a certain number is difficult. Several of our recent pastors who have stayed here for 2-5 years, have said that the standard of living they have had here is comparable to, or better than, in Norway. In addition to basic salary, there is health insurance, housing allowance and car allowance and paid vacation. Some of the factors affecting compensation include work experience and educational background, family situation, intended length of stay, pension status, exchange rate, etc. We can give you a clearer idea after we get to know your needs better. 

The church offers assistance with moving costs associated with the transition from Norway to Minneapolis and back again.  There are two weeks per year for continuing education at an institution of your choice within Minnesota. There are excellent institutions of higher learning within reasonable distance from Mindekirken ranging from University of Minnesota to community colleges and seminaries.

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Are there additional benefits related to the job?

For funerals and weddings the pastor is normally paid $100 to $150 extra for their services.  The pastor is frequently invited to Norwegian functions, such as visits by Norwegian royalty and/or VIPs, consular visits and other more locally renowned festivities such as the 17de Mai banquet and the Nordic-American Thanksgiving Breakfast.

For the reasons outlined above Mindekirken believes that a pastorate here in Minneapolis will not only be a way of becoming a beloved pastor, but it is also an opportunity for professional growth and acquisition of a deeper experienceof the broader community.

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What are some of the pastoral qualities and qualifications I would be expected to bring to the position?

Mindekirken recently conducted a congregational survey to determine important skills and areas of focus for our next pastor. The attributes viewed as most important are being a good communicator, ability to build a sense of community, and being effective in working with children and youth. The areas of focus that were most important to the congregation are preaching/worship, pastoral care and visitation, ministry with seniors, and ministry in daily life. While this is not an exhaustive list, it will hopefully provide you with some insight as to the hopes the congregation has for our next pastor.

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What are the pastor’s work hours?

Besides worship service hours, the pastor is working at church Tuesday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 4 p.m. unless they have appointments, conferences or visitation elsewhere. The Church Council and other committees meet in the evenings. Weddings and special cultural events are usually on the weekends. This schedule is open to adjustment according to personal needs, and of course, there is some general flexibility because some important functions do not follow regular hours.

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What is the staff like that I would work with?

The church office has been wonderfully managed by Kaia Knutson for many years. She is very capable in all sorts of office tasks and is fluent in Norwegian. She is a church member. John De Haan is the choir director. He is a highly accomplished musician and will be an important partner for the pastor in selecting worship service music.  Jessica Schroeder is our professional organist.  There are a number of part-time support staff. 

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What are the steps of the application process?

If you are interested in more information, you may e-mail us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or, you may click on the Application Form button, print it and fill it out to mail to us. Or you may request a printed form be sent by calling: (U.S.)-612-874-0716 (leave message anytime on answering machine, in English please) Or by writing to: Mindekirken, Attn: Call Committee, 924 E. 21st St., Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA After receiving your application, we will notify you of a timetable of next steps, which will include reviewing all applications to determine which applicants we wish to interview. Those applicants will be requested to provide a copy of a video taped sermon, and to participate in telephone conference calls with the Call Committee. We will schedule these call with the seven hour time difference in mind. Norway time is seven hours ahead of Minneapolis time.

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What is the area like?

The church is located in an inner-city neighborhood near the center of Minneapolis. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul make up a thriving metropolitan area known for its highly respected education system, advanced medical technology, a wide variety of recreational opportunities, beautiful parks, walking paths, cross country ski trails, downhill skiing, clean air and water, and good-natured, friendly people. Approximately 2.5 million people live in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and they generally enjoy a high quality of life. The weather is always a "hot" topic in Minneapolis. Generally winters are cold and the summers are longer and warmer than Norway. The Twin Cities area is home to several educational institutions such as the University of Minnesota, St. Olaf College, Augsburg College and Luther Seminary. Performing art centers include Orchestra Hall, the Ordway Music Theatre, the Guthrie Theater, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Walker Art Center. The Twin Cities are known as the cultural center of the Upper Midwest. For more information, please click on Minnesota Explorer.

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What is the housing situation?

The pastor will choose their private residence. Recently, pastors to Mindekirken have leased an apartment or purchased a home in a suburban area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The most recent pastor purchased a condominium in Minneapolis, within the same neighborhood as Mindekirken. Again, the housing allowance makes this a flexible situation according to personal preference.

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What steps are needed for working in the U.S. as a pastor?

This depends on a few things: How long would you be planning to stay? If you are married, will your spouse also wish to work? Most recently, pastors have obtained an “R1” visa for this position. We have individuals here with experience in this area that can advise and facilitate this process.

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What is the transportation situation?

The Twin Cities metropolitan area extends over a vast area, too large for a comprehensive, efficient public transportation system. The best public transportation service is closest to the geographic center. The area does have an excellent system of streets and highways which allow for efficient car use. This, and the car allowance make this the better transportation choice. Minneapolis also has an extensive bicycle route network.

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What about the schools in the area?

Public schools in Minneapolis/St. Paul area (The Twin Cities) are very good and the schools are free of charge. The Colleges are expensive but they may offer good scholarships.

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What are the particular challenges that face Mindekirken?

We continue to strive to build a widening circle of fellowship among Scandinavians in the region. At the same time, our own neighborhood is witness to transition of immigrant groups and a variety of ethnic communities. We face the challenge of maintaining cultural and historical continuity in a changing social and economic scene; with each succeeding generation of Norwegian-Americans comes a new set of interests that we wish to appeal to, so that more will think of us as their church-home.

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